How We Are Different

Independence Matters
As independent advisors, we are thankfully free from arbitrary sales objectives and proprietary product constraints. We believe this is essential in today's regulatory environment that mandates action in the best interest of the individual client. Our independence allows us to give you the best of two very different worlds—the focused attention and commitment to client care that comes from being a small business, combined with the resources and research sophistication of the nation's largest independent broker/dealer.

Unyielding Integrity and Independence
Some financial professionals treat your money as the client rather than you. Our client is you: your goals, aspirations, and purpose. Your money is a resource to help you live the life you want.

Since we are an independent investment advisory firm, we are committed to your objectives. We have no proprietary financial products or house brands. This allows us to avoid the issues that can exist when an advisor is bound to specific products or compensated preferentially for recommending certain investment vehicles over others.

A Higher Standard of Care
We choose to work in a fiduciary capacity. As fiduciaries, we put your interests first. We provide written disclosure to you prior to our engagement, and thereafter throughout the term of the engagement, of any conflicts of interest, which may compromise our independence.

Well-Informed Guidance in Plain English
We have a passion for assisting clients in achieving their vision of a great life and know that frequent, effective communications is key to a successful relationship. We talk "with you," not "at you," in plain English, so when you leave our office, you understand what we talked about, helping you make the tough decisions about your finances.

Whether it's working with us as an individual advisory client, or as a corporate retirement plan sponsor, Retirement Education Consultants has the passion and expertise to make a difference for your future.