401k Investment Advice

Maximizing the value of your 401k plan
Maximizing the value of your 401k plan is essential, since it will likely be one of your primary sources of retirement income. To do that, you have to become an “Effective 401k Investor” to get the returns on your money needed to accumulate significant assets by the time you retire.

Are you confident you chose the right investments?
The investment choices you make now will, in large part define how much income you will have from this account later. If you, like most people could use help from a professional advisor to become an “Effective 401k Investor”, we can give you specific advice on how to maximize the value of your current balance, your contributions, and your employers’ match contributions:

  • Set goals for how much money is needed to accumulate, at a specific retirement age, how much inflation adjusted income is needed at that age to maintain your lifestyle

  • Determine what rate of return is needed to accomplish goals

  • Determine the % deferral amount for you to contribute in combination with employer match

  • Recommend specific investments from your 401k menu to use

  • Provide instructions on how to make the investment changes

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