Advanced IRA Planning

IRA’s have 4 distinct phases. Transition your investment strategy for each.
Each of the 4 phases requires a different investment strategy that focuses on the job to be done, and an advisor who knows how to apply these strategies.

  1. Age 20-50 Growth & Accumulation of Assets

  2. Age 50-65 Protect & Grow Future Income

  3. Age 55-70 Lifetime, Growing Income

  4. Age 60-80 Maximizing Beneficiary Legacy Values

Why do you need professional advice and a different investment strategy for phases 2 & 3?
Simply put, the job of investing for income distributions is much more complicated than the growth phase. And, the consequences of making mistakes are more severe. Most are not equipped to create this income strategy – we are:

  • Will last for 30-40 years, for two people and not run out
  • May increase income annually to meet rising costs in retirement
  • Preserves a meaningful legacy for spouse, children, grandchildren, charitable interests
  • Keeps you from emotional reactions to volatile markets

Are Income Growth Strategies available for phases 2 & 3 that can help manage sequence of returns risk, and create a Stable, Dependable, Reliable income stream?
Yes, it’s our specialty. We create diversified Retirement Income Focused Portfolios that have the following objectives:

  • Consistent , rising income
  • Historically outperformed the broad market, with lower volatility
  • Process to identify the companies, portfolios that focus on these objectives

Schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if your Retirement Accounts are right for you at this phase of your life, or whether changes should be made.